Clinical Research International

Advanced Clinical Research Associate Training Program (Option B)

Your login for this Advanced Clinical Research Associate Training Program is valid for 12 months. <i>N.B. Average course completion time is 3-4 months</i>.<br><br>For a limited time only you can pay in 5 consecutive monthly installments of USD$198. <br><br>After your initial payment is processed, follow-up payments will be scheduled for the same day each month for the following 4 months.<br><b><br>Part 1: Fundamentals of Clinical Research</b><br>This part is designed to orient the student to the drug development Process and the clinical research function within the corporate and Regulatory context, from both international and local perspectives. This part consists of 39 Sessions each followed by a set of review questions.<br><br><b>Part 2: Anatomy and Physiology for Clinical Research</b><br>This is designed to cover the structure and function of the human body with special emphasis on physiological concepts. This part is composed of 11 Sessions each session followed by a set of questions.<br><b><br>Part 3: Recent Trends in Therapeutics - Emphasis on Principles of Clinical Pharmacology</b><br>This part is designed to introduce the students to the fundamentals of pharmacology. It will focus on the relationship between a drugs mechanism of action at the molecular level and its effect on the patient. This part consists of 14 sessions each followed by review questions.<br><br><b>Part 4: CRA Final Exam</b><br>This exam assesses knowledge of clinical trial monitoring, the duties &amp; responsibilities of a Clinical Research Associate, GCP guidelines &amp; a range of topics in clinical research.<br><br>As soon as your first payment has been processed you will receive account login details via email. Once your account is activated you will see it contains <u>Part 1 of the course only</u>. Part 2, Part 3 and the Final Exam will be assigned as you progress. <a href=""><br></a>